VirTra firearms training simulator

  • In 2014, the Foundation purchased a Fire Arms Training Simulator for the Omaha Police Department. This critical piece of training equipment creates realistic situations for officers, thereby improving decision-making and firearms proficiency while providing feedback on speed, accuracy and judgment (cost: $140,000).
  • In 2011, the Omaha Police Foundation administered a generous grant from the Gary & Mary West Foundation that resulted in the building and opening of a new regional canine training facility on the campus of the Omaha Police Safety and Training Center (cost: $400,000).
  • In 2010, the Foundation provided funding for 60 officers and one prosecutor to attend the John E. Reid and Associates Interview and Interrogation training. This series of seminars is recognized by the International Association of Chiefs of Police as one of the premier programs for this type of training (cost: $25,000).
  • In 2008, the Foundation raised funds for the purchase and outfitting of a customized recruitment vehicle to serve as a “rolling billboard” advertising the employment opportunities available through the Department while transporting the Department’s staff recruiters to hundreds of career fairs, safety expos and other events each year (cost: $41,000)
  • In 2007, the Foundation purchased of state-of-the-art exercise equipment for both the Northwest and Southwest Precinct’s providing fitness and conditioning facilities and contributing to the overall health and wellness of Omaha’s officers (cost: $84,000).
  • In 2006, the Foundation purchased a new Crime Lab Van, allowing the department to process crime scenes, on-site, more effectively (cost: $30,000).
  • In 2003, the Foundation assisted with the purchase of a driving simulator that allows officers to practice pursuit driving under all types of weather conditions (cost: $96,000).
  • The Foundation plays a key role in the police department’s continuing recruitment efforts. Working in conjunction with generous media sponsors, the Foundation has developed a series of comprehensive media and marketing campaigns that have resulted in the submission of more than 3,500 applications with an impressive diversity percentage of 28% including all ethnic minorities and women (donation value: $250,000+).
  • More than $100,000 has been provided by the Foundation to support numerous community-based programs presented by the Omaha Police Department including the Omaha Police Athletic League, Santa Visits the Southwest Precinct, Halloween Safe Nights, National Night Out, Cops & Bobbers fishing program and many more.
  • The Foundation funded a series of race-relations retreats designed to improve understanding and trust between the African-American and Latino communities and the officers of the Omaha Police Department (cost: $15,000)