Current Initatives

Mobile Crime Lab – PURCHASED

The Omaha Police Foundation is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its fundraising initiative for the Mobile Crime Lab. This important piece of equipment has been ordered and will be delivered later this spring.

This vehicle will enable OPD officers to process evidence found at crime scenes faster and more efficiently. The desired vehicle is a Sirchie Model MCL-550/18F Heavy Duty Mobile Crime Lab. The cost is $194,510.

This heavy-duty mobile crime lab has a large, 18-foot workspace and a wide range of lab capabilities. It will enable many forensic analyses to be conducted on scene, providing investigators with more timely results and potential leads. It also provides a controlled climate work environment that is out of public view and conducive to better scene processing. This vehicle is especially valuable during inclement weather, or at scenes that require several days to fully process.

Another advantage of the mobile crime lab is that it can reach inaccessible locations where discarded bodies or clandestine crime scenes are often found. It contains secure, on-site storage lockers for collected evidence. In addition, the mobile crime lab’s plain-view storage system provides better preparedness and reduces the potential for contamination.

The advantage of having this vehicle available at crime scenes has been proven in the field. In fact, OPD is currently one of only a handful of departments serving similar size communities without a mobile crime lab. We truly believe this vehicle will quickly become an invaluable asset to OPD, and our entire city.